Privacy Policy

This document describes how information about you is collected and used by StoryServer. As with our Terms document, we’ll define the StoryServer service as the “Service”, registered users of StoryServer as “Subscribers”, and the data uploaded by subscribers as “Subscriber Data”. Also as described in Terms, we’re a small but growing service, and so our privacy policy may change over time. We’ll be sure to notify you of any changes when they occur.

StoryServer respects our subscribers right to privacy. We do not share subscribers data with any third-party services. Nor do we share subscriber data with other subscribers of the service. We collect and store only the information submitted during registration along with subscriber data uploaded to the service.

Data We Collect

In order to provide a quality service, StoryServer collects performance data and metrics related to subscriber activity. Performance data includes the volume of requests for subscriber data via the service application program interface (API). [The API is used to make requests, and expose or present your stories, from publishing platforms such as WordPress and Drupal]. Anonymous analytics data is also collected by the StoryServer Web site via a third-party analytics service, however, no subscriber data is transmitted to this service.


StoryServer takes the security of our service seriously and employs measures to help protect information about you from loss or unauthorized access. Modern and generally accepted best practises are used in the development of our services. Passwords are stored in a format that makes it extremely difficult (what cryptographers call “computationally infeasible”) for us, or any malicious third party to retrieve subscriber passwords - even in the event of a serious data breach. That said, it’s never a good idea to use the same password across multiple systems - so please choose a unique password for this service. Here’s an excellent video that describes approaches to creating and saving passwords.


Email addresses are never shared with any other service or third party. We will only use your email address to provide you with periodic updates and news about the StoryServer service.


The StoryServer Web site uses cookies. A cookie is a small amount of text generated by a Web site and saved by your browser. Its purpose is to remember information about you, similar to a preference file created by a software application. We use cookies specifically to provide you with secure access to the StoryServer management application, (this Web site) as well as to remember certain preferences - such as search settings between visits. We do not issue any third-party tracking cookies. You can read more about Web site cookies here.